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The University of Pretoria (UP) in South Africa joined the ESEFA programme as the first ESEFA-Partner in November 2013. The ESEFA project partnership is co-hosted by two departments at UP, the Department of Informatics and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, based in the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (EBIT).

Interdisciplinary cooperation between the Department of Informatics and departments in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences allows for a career path combination with Informatics and Economic and Management Sciences subjects. Cooperation between Informatics and Industrial Engineering and Systems Engineering fosters interdisciplinary research, resulting in increased research opportunities and a growing number of students attending the various courses. 

The Department of Informatics is offering the Enterprise Systems (ES) Fundamentals short course to Honours and third year students, thereby exposing them to ES training using SAP as a foundation. It believes that offering this ESEFA training enhances students‘ skills set thus making them more employable in the job market. 

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is the premier Industrial Engineering school, in terms of age, size and recognition in South Africa and also houses the South African Journal of Industrial Engineering. 

The Department of Industrial Engineering uses SAP as the teaching vehicle for Operations Management, a third year module in its undergraduate programme, and encourages Honours students to enrol in the one-week ES Fundamentals proficiency course, using SAP as a demonstration vehicle for the concepts presented in its Production Management module. This should make the students more market ready when they undertake planning and control functions as may be necessary in production systems. 

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